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Don't worry; there's no judgment here!

It's my job to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible while finding your path to success.

Is a virtual experience more to your liking? It provides a more private experience as we work together.

 Virtual details are located on our Solutions page.

What if I'm embarrassed of my mess?

Sweet Moves Organizing welcomes a variety of projects and situations.

What kinds of spaces do you work on?

The consultation is a complimentary conversation and may include an in-person or virtual walkthrough of the area you would like to improve.

Once the project is reviewed, we'll collaborate on what you're looking for and how to shift the space into an environment that promotes success but is still personal to you.

What should I expect from a consultation?

No, you're the primary decision-maker in this process; I'm here to help guide you toward a more organized lifestyle.

While the focus is on decluttering, it's essential that you are happy with the outcome. That includes keeping items that may hold a special meaning.

Items that no longer serve you will be removed, and work will continue to improve your mindset and personal space.

Will I have to get rid of all my stuff?

Packages require %50 down to secure your sessions.

The balance of the package pricing is due in full by the end of the last session.

Support services payment is made day of completion.

Invoices are sent via email or text.

Payments can be made by Venmo, cash, or check. 

Payment Policy

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