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Hey there, I'm Kristen
Owner and Organizer

After considerable self-reflection several years ago, I started pursuing a professional organizing career. My children were becoming young adults; my job was no longer was time for a change.

Being a natural problem solver, I find creative solutions where others struggle. This gift, combined with 19 years in a career based heavily on organizing, process improvement, and customer service, has given me the experience to help others find peace and reduce stress.


One of the most common questions I've gotten since starting this business is

"what makes you different than other professional organizers?" 

I don't believe in using a "cookie-cutter" style of organizing. When working with clients, I use their natural rhythms and patterns to build a foundation for achieving their best results. This means observing how they use a room and its objects, making adjustments, and helping them decide the next best steps. This could mean anything from relocating certain items to using them in a way they didn't realize before or releasing them entirely. 

Sweet Moves Organizing is a safe place where self-reflection is encouraged, allowing for high-impact, sustainable results. We truly are your partner for an organized life.


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